Nadine Rassi’s seducing scene in Orabet Beirut causes controversy

Lebanese actress Nadine Rassi has been the center of the talk on social media after her seducing scene in Orabet Beirut (The grand mother of Beirut).

Orabet Beirut is a new series that is aired on Shahid TV and it gained wide fame since the release of the first episode. However, after the latest episode, Nadine Rassi has sparked wide controversy online.

Some people supported Nadine Rassi saying that this is acting and she has nailed the part. However, many criticized the role and the scene saying that it doesn’t match Arabic tradition and accused the Drama of chasing Western standards.

In the clip, Nadine Rassi appeared inside a nightclub, performing a foreign song, with some body movements that were described as “sexual”. This exposed her to criticism from some of her followers.

Nadine Rassi has been sharing many behind the scene photos from Orabet Beirut (The grand mother of Beirut), where she appeared in different hair colors and styles. Here are some photos:

Nadine RassiNadine RassiNadine Rassi

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