Aline Khalaf makes a comeback after 10 years of retirement

Retired Lebanese singer Aline Khalaf, the star of the 90s’ generation, has retracted her retirement decision which she made in 2013 after marrying Lebanese businessman Carlo Ayoub, and separating recently.

Aline Khalaf announces the comeback

On Instagram, Aline Khalaf shared the happy news in a creative way by sharing an Instagram grid of nine pictures. On the first picture she wrote: “It was over from here.”

And on the ninth picture, she wrote: “From here I will begin.”

aline khalaf returns to singing

Aline Khalaf didn’t only make a comeback, she’s also released a new music video titled Ma Te’lle (translated to: Don’t Tell Me).

On Twitter, the La Li Leh hitmaker promoted the new music and wrote: “Teaser Alert ‼️ Can’t wait to share with you my new song #Ma t2elle. Stay tuned #alinekhalaf.”

Social media users interacted with Khalaf’s return to singing, expressing their enthusiasm for her new music.

The 90s’ singer expressed her happiness of the support she received from her fans, and wrote in an Instagram story: “A storm of enthusiasm surrounds me every minute. I am very happy with the wonderful support, my love and appreciation for my loyal fans.. I can only say what is coming is more beautiful, and we will make up for the absence, projects that express my longing for you.”

Who is Aline Khalaf?

She is considered one of the most famous Lebanese artists in the nineties, as she began her artistic career on “Lebanon Nights” talent show, releasing her first songs in 1996.

Nicknamed as the “Cinderella of Mirth”, Khalaf worked with many well-known composers and poets, and released successful albums that contributed to her spread in the Arab world, in addition to singing in several different dialects.

The last album she released was “Sodfa”, after which she released a group of single songs, the last of which was “Ma Qal Wa Dal”. Then Aline announced her retirement after tying the knot and giving birth to her daughter, “Livi”.

who is Aline Khalaf and picture of her daughter

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