Fan slapped by Amr Diab makes TikTok account

According to users on X (formerly known as Twitter), the fan who got slapped by Egyptian pop singer Amr Diab allegedly created a new TikTok account in hopes of gaining traction on the recent controversial incident. 

The individual in question created the TikTok account under “saadosamaa11” and already garnered thousands of views and likes by the time of writing this article. Users across social media swarmed a comment section under a post made by Arabic celebrity news account ‘Gorgeous’ and expressed their feelings about both Amr Diab and the fan he slapped.

Fan slapped by Amr Diab makes TikTok account

Amr Diab

According to the same news-sharing account, Saad’s father revealed that his son “didn’t eat for 26 hours” after Amr Diab slapped him which resulted in comments mocking Saad with statements like, “He slapped him but he didn’t stitch his mouth” and “Come on dude, it’s just a slap, no reason to go this far.”

A screenshot of the account circulated social media and showcased one post of Amr Diab with a red cross on him and stating, “If it was a beautiful girl, would you have slapped her?” which received a whopping 60,000 views.

Amr Diab is no stranger to slapping people

Video footage of Amr Diab trying to grab a photo with Egyptian producer Mohamed Al-Saadi after his singing portion finished has gone viral. Diab was performing at Al-Saadi’s daughter’s wedding.

Many were quick to condemn Amr, particularly given that this followed two episodes in which he insulted his driver and physically assaulted a sound engineer onstage. However, many saw the absurdity in his reaction, as well as those who failed to pay close enough attention to the video that was making the rounds.

Just like his fan, a video of the sound engineer also went viral showing Amr slapping him resulting in a swarm of negative comments about the Egyptian singer.

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