The Frenchman who went to Mauritania to paint

Seb Toussaint is a French-British artist who travels the world to help the poor in the best ways he knows how. His latest adventure has been to Mauritania’s downtrodden district of Zaatar which is outside the capital, Nouakchott.

He likes to paint colorful murals of people’s ramshackled existence and spruce up their humdrum lives. He calls what he does as street art for the world. In Mauritania, a country he travelled to with two travelling friends recently, he painted extensively including with white, blue and baby pink.

Toussaint is a 35-year-old professional artist who works in Europe to make a living and tells AFP, he travels around the world twice every year visiting slums and/or refugee camps.

The social media has long picked up his work and whereabouts travelling to many countries including Palestine and Iraq.

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