Millions celebrate Year of the Rabbit

Millions of people worldwide are welcoming the Lunar New Year, called the Year of the Rabbit, which is associated with peace and prosperity. 

The Lunar years are commonly celebrated in several Asian cultures that depend on moon cycles. Festivals that included dancing, music, and public performances, were held to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

Prayers were also held at temples as some lighted incense sticks.

According to Chinese local media, the Year of the Rabbit will take place from Jan. 22, 2023, which marks the Chinese New Year, till Feb. 9, 2024.

The Year of the Rabbit falls once every 12 Lunar years as it previously took place in 2023, 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, and 1927.

A new Doodle was released by Google and it is crafted from paper to honor Chinese paper-cutting (Jianzhi), which is a long-time Lunar New Year tradition.

Lunar New Year is the beginning of a lunar calendar or lunisolar calendar year, whose months are moon cycles. Each sign of the Chinese zodiac sustains for a whole year and it influences the fortunes of the other 11 animal signs.

For this year, the luck of the other 11 signs depends on their relationship with the Rabbit.

Last year was the Year of the Water Tiger. Those born this year are said to have great interpersonal relationships and be very family oriented. It took place from Feb. 1, 2022, till Feb. 21, 2023.

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