Was Threads logo inspired by Tamil alphabet?

Threads, Meta’s Twitter rival, has been the talk of people worldwide since its launch on July 5. Within days of its release, over 90 million users have joined the Instagram app. But how was the Threads logo created?

Threads app was released by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter following the latest rules by Musk including paid verification.

However, many users were impressed with the Threads app logo and they started to wonder how the team was inspired and came up with this great logo.

Asians; especially Indian social media users, have taken it online to say that the new Threads logo is very similar to the alphabet of some authentic languages in their countries.

Threads logo

(Tamil letter forming the word Tamil/ Shutterstock)

People wrote online the Threads logo is very similar to Malayalam and Tamil letters.

However, Adam Mosseri, the person in charge of Instagram has posted on threads explaining how they were inspired by the new Meta logo.

Mosseri explained that the Threads logo was inspired by @ sign, which stands for someone’s username, the individual and voice.”

Meta has stated that the Threads logo is inspired by the Tamil alphabet. The Tamil alphabet is a script that is used to write the Tamil language, which is spoken in India and Sri Lanka.


On the other hand, some people shared a picture of “The Simpsons” character in which they claimed that the Threads logo and app were also predicted by the famous American series.

In the photo, Humor Simpson was seen with his ear shape looking exactly like the Threads logo while his hair above it makes the letter M, which allegedly hints at either “Meta or Mark Zuckerberg.”

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