Sirens warning of incoming rockets sound in Israeli areas near Gaza

Sirens warning of incoming rockets sounded in Israeli areas near Gaza, the Israeli military said on Tuesday, in the second salvo since the death of a Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike earlier.

Shortly before the rockets were fired, a Hamas radio station said an Israeli tank shelled a Hamas security position near the border but there was no immediate Israeli confirmation.

An umbrella group representing armed factions in Gaza, including implants groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for rockets fired into Israel.

“The Joint Command mourns the martyr and claims responsibility for bombarding the so-called settlements near Gaza by salvos of rockets in an initial response to this heinous crime,” a statement issued by the group said.

Khader Adnan, who was affiliated with the Islamic Jihad group, died in an Israeli prison on Tuesday after an 87-day hunger strike.

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