Saw X unveiled: Jigsaw’s legacy returns in a deadly game

Lionsgate recently unveiled the return of Tobin Bell as the iconic Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer, in Saw X, set to hit theaters on September 29. Bell, who starred in the first eight Saw movies, portrayed the ruthless character seeking retribution against those who undervalued their lives.

Although Kramer met his end in Saw III, subsequent films, Saw IV-VII, and Jigsaw, skillfully employed flashbacks to reveal his continued influence through deadly traps long after his demise.

Notably, Spiral: From the Book of Saw marked the first film in the franchise without Bell’s presence, introducing a new killer inspired by Jigsaw’s legacy. However, in Saw X, Lionsgate has revealed a gripping storyline that unfolds between Saw and Saw II, dubbing it “Jigsaw’s most personal game.” This time, Kramer journeys to Mexico for cancer treatment, only to discover it’s a fraud scheme, compelling him to devise intricate traps for the deceitful culprits.

The Saw series has garnered acclaim for its elaborate death traps and unexpected plot twists. Kevin Greutert, renowned for directing Saw VI and Saw 3D, returns to helm the thrilling Saw X, while Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, known for their work on Jigsaw and Spiral, craft the screenplay. Franchise producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules also contribute to this eagerly-awaited installment.

The cast, including Michael Beach, Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Paulette Hernandez, Renata Vaca, Octavio Hinojosa, and Joshua Okamoto, has been revealed by IMDb, further heightening anticipation for another intense and suspenseful chapter in the Saw series. As the story unfolds, Jigsaw’s legacy continues to captivate and intrigue fans worldwide.

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