Saudi Film Commission: 4,000 participants to take part in Filmmakers Program

The Saudi Film Commission on Monday announced that it will be training more than 4,000 individuals as part of its Filmmakers Program aimed at elevating the skills of aspiring beginners and professionals.

With 150 training workshops held across 13 regions in Saudi Arabia, the fourth edition of the annual event will help foster the growth of Saudi talent in the film industry, the authority said on its website.

The program will include in-person and virtual training workshops, as well as artistic residencies and master classes led by field experts that have been organized in cooperation with several specialized global institutes and universities.

The Filmmakers Program has three main goals: promote and develop individuals’ passion for filmmaking, enhance the quality of cinematic productions, and empower national talent.

The commission will also be introducing the inaugural Kader Program, designed to offer intensive professional field training opportunities for up to 50 filmmakers.

The initiative will be held over a span of 21 days and will allow participants to hone their cinematic skills across various specializations within the industry.

The Kader Program, organized in collaboration with international production houses, will see trainees partake in ongoing cinematic projects.

The Saudi Film Commission said it has stuck to its commitment to provide valuable professional training opportunities while fostering robust connections between filmmakers and industry experts through these comprehensive programs and initiative.

As part of the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 economic reform plan, Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in non-oil sectors, including the film industry, with the hope of developing the sector further and providing its youth with greater opportunities to hone their skills and elevate their talents.

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