Saudi Arabia bans naming newborns ‘Al Hilal’ and ‘Al Nassr’

The Saudi Interior Ministry Agency for Civil Affairs(AhwalCare) recently addressed a matter concerning the naming of newborns after football clubs, particularly in response to a public expression of interest.

Following an individual’s desire to name their child “Nassr,” in homage to the Al-Nassr club, the official account of the agency took a definitive stance.

On X platform, the designated channel for inquiries regarding civil affairs in Saudi Arabia(AhwalCare), a user raised a question about the possibility of naming newborns after football clubs like “Hilal” or “Nassr.”


In response, the official account  stated that such names are not permissible. The agency emphasized that names must adhere to established rules and regulations.

This response has effectively settled a debate that had been circulating regarding the naming of newborns after football clubs. It underscores the agency’s commitment to maintaining order and adherence to naming conventions within the country.

The announcement on the X platform has garnered significant attention and interaction, sparking conversations among football enthusiasts in the Saudi league.

While the desire to name children after favorite teams may be common among fans, the agency’s ruling has made it clear that such practices are not within the realm of possibility according to current regulations.

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