Moroccan child wins US President Cybersecurity Cup

Rayan Ait Taher, a 12-year-old boy from Morocco, showcased his amazing skills by winning none other than the US President’s Cup for Cybersecurity. Making history as not just the first African and Moroccan winner, but also the youngest participant to achieve this honor.

Rayan’s remarkable achievement has garnered attention worldwide, from both those interested in the competition and those who aren’t.

Competing in the respected American President’s Competition organized by the Cybersecurity Foundation (CISA), Rayan impressed the judges with his outstanding performance, scoring an impressive 3245 points.


In a surprising turn of events, he outshone his closest competitor, Yonatan Yoni from Israel, who scored 2734 points in the remote competition. Ryan impressively had slightly over 500 points more.

The challenge, hosted by the US Government Cyber Security Corporation (CISA), involved penetration tests and uncovering vulnerabilities in the participants’ information systems. The organizers were surprised by Rayan’s great talent, as his victory defied expectations due to his very young age.


CISA plays a vital role in enhancing cybersecurity measures and safeguarding critical infrastructure in the United States, making the fact that Rayen managed to impress them and win the US President’s Cup for Cybersecurity all the more impressive, even more so when taking his age into the fact.

Rayen will surely have a very bright future in cybersecurity if he continues going down this path in the future.

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