Algeria: Imprisonment for those speaking obscenities in public places

In a move aimed at upholding public decency and respect, the Algerian National People’s Assembly has taken a decisive step by including a provision in a draft law that imposes significant penalties on individuals uttering indecent words in public spaces.

The proposed provision, which has received approval from the Committee on Legal Affairs and Liberties of the Assembly, outlines stringent consequences for those found guilty of such behavior.

According to reports from the reputable Algerian newspaper, El Chourouk, the provision stipulates that individuals caught uttering indecent words in public will face imprisonment ranging from two to six months, along with a hefty fine ranging from 5 to 10 million Algerian dinars.

This decision underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining public decorum and ensuring that public spaces remain respectful and safe for all citizens.

By introducing these measures, the Algerian authorities are sending a clear message that acts of public indecency will not be tolerated, and those who engage in such behavior will face severe consequences.

The inclusion of this provision in the draft law marks a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to promote civility and respect within Algerian society.

It reflects the Assembly’s proactive approach to addressing issues related to public behavior and underscores the importance of upholding societal values and norms.

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