Saad El Soghayar accused of filming his wife in the bedroom

 Hadeer Mohamed has accused her husband Egyptian artist Saad El Soghayar, of filming her in her bedroom without her knowledge. She had filed a complaint against him at the Al-Haram Police Station.

According to local Egyptian websites, Hadeer went to the Haram Police Station at exactly six o’clock in the evening, and asked to meet the chief of investigations; In order to file a complaint against her husband, she cried while talking about the details of the incident.

Hadeer indicated that Saad El Soghayar installed video cameras at their home and her private car in order to monitor her.

Saad El Soghayar films his wife in the bedroom without her knowledgeShe said: “My husband, Saad El Soghayar, installed cameras in the bedroom and places inside the apartment, and I would like to file a complaint against him and I want my right to the law.”

The security authorities verified the videos that Hadeer submitted to the department, to show that it was actually filmed without her knowledge.

Immediately, it was decided to refer Saad El Soghayar to the Public Prosecution Office to conduct investigations and hear his statements about the incident.

This is not the first time that Saad El Soghayar has faced such a crisis, as his second wife, dancer Berlanti Amer, previously accused him of monitoring her mobile phone, and she filed a complaint against him to the Internet Investigation Department.

She revealed in her statement that El Soghayar threatened: “Saad behaves strangely, he hacked my phone, and sent me death threats, and I don’t know why he does that to me.”

Saad El Soghayar dancer second wife

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