Hailey and Justin Bieber’s romantic getaway: finding solace amidst fan concerns

Just days after Justin Bieber caused his fans concern with the spread of pictures of him crying and rumors about his mental health, he and Hailey Bieber were photographed enjoying a romantic getaway in Hawaii. It appears that they have finally found solace in each other’s company.

Some admirers recently captured photos of the pair in Hawaii. In the photos, they can be seen seated at a table, conversing alone; Justin seems to have emerged from his sadness, as he wears a grin.

Fans swarmed Justin and Hailey as they sipped cocktails from an outside booth.

As a gesture of gratitude for the women’s support of Hailey’s cosmetics line, the ladies proudly displayed their ‘Rhode Skin’ phone cases.

Later, people saw Justin and Hailey as they left the picturesque setting.

This viewing followed months of fan conjecture over Justin and Hailey’s relationship, with many wondering whether the pair was having relationship issues.

As Justin’s fans were understandably alarmed by two unexplained weeping photos he posted on his Instagram in April, Hailey attempted to play down the incident by oddly referring to JB as a “beautiful cryer” in the post’s comments.

When Hailey Baldwin’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, requested people to pray for his daughter and her husband in February, he caused a stir.

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