Is this Jason Statham driving his truck with Palestine flag? (video)

English actor Jason Statham, 56, is trending on X platform for what appears to be his stance in favor of Palestine.

A video went viral on of a man who the followers refer to as English actor Jason Statham, but no official source confirmed the identity of the man.

In the video, the man appears to be opening a black truck’s bennet to hang Palestine flag amidst the ongoing attacks on Palestinians on Gaza by Israel.

Then, the man hangs the Palestinian keffiyeh on both side mirrors before he jumped in to the truck and drove away.

Social media reactions to Jason Statham alleged video

A large number of tweeps are circulating the video as if it belongs to Jason Statham and hailing his stance for voicing his solidarity to Palestine.

They wrote things like: “Is this the Hollywood actor Jason Statham?”, “Hollywood actor Jason Statham challenges the police and installs the Palestinian flag on his car”, “Hollywood actor #JasonStatham installs the Palestinian flag on his car to show solidarity with #Palestinian people in #Gaza”, “Famous actor Jason Statham reacted to the cruelty of occupying Israel, which celebrities in Turkey remained silent, by hanging a Palestinian flag on his car”, “Jason Statham, the legendary name of action movies, is a classy man, not only in the movies but also in reality. It’s a big deal to be able to do this on the street and in Hollywood.”

On the other hand, many followers said that this is in fact is not the English actor, and that he’s only someone who looks like him.

They said: “Obviously you care because you have commented but the fact is, this is not Jason Statham. I know Jason personally”, “That ain’t Jason Statham! Please try harder!”, “That’s not Jason Statham!”, “It isn’t Jason Statham, even if it was it didn’t suit to come from a handle name you have kept.”

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