Carole Samaha breaks the record on Spotify

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha breaks the record on Spotify.

Carole Samaha has surpassed one million followers on Spotify, making her one of the most followed Arab singer on the music application, as her songs achieve nearly half a million monthly listens on Spotify around the world.

According to the official statistics of “Spotify”, the 5 most popular songs by Carole Samaha on the application are: “Ettala Feyee”, “Aqul Ansak”, “Khalik Behalak”, “Esma’ani” and “Adwaa Al-Shuhra”.

It is also worth mentioning that Samaha recently her released a new album titled, “Al Album Al Thahabi,” and the new work includes poems for Mahmoud Darwish, and composed by Dr. Tayseer Haddad and arranged by Alexandre Misakian.

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