Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship status sparks speculation amidst divorce rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to be trying to subtly react to reports of a potential breakup in order to demonstrate that the allegations are unfounded and that their love is blossoming.

As Ben drove alone through Los Angeles in the morning, onlookers could see his wedding band dangling from his left hand.

Jennifer Lopez , on the other hand, showed up to the Los Angeles dancing class while still wearing her ring.

They went out in New York on March 30, but since then, no one has seen them together. On March 19, Jennifer liked an Instagram post on healthy relationships, which included the following statement: “You can’t build a relationship with someone who is separated from themselves.” This made Jennifer seem rather strange.

At the 2024 Met Gala, JLO made a solo appearance earlier this month, donning a dazzling Haute Couture gown by Schiaparelli. She co-chaired the annual gala, while Ben was in Los Angeles filming The Accountant 2.

According to rumors, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly about to file for divorce because they are “on different pages” in their marriage.

As Jane ramped up her business responsibilities and prepared for her tour, reports recently said: “They began having problems in their marriage a few months ago.”

In the lead-up to next month’s launch of her “This is Me Now: A Love Story” global tour in Orlando, Florida, Jennifer is reportedly laser-focused on her job.

They had their share of ups and downs throughout the years, eventually splitting up in 2003 and then reconciling 20 years later. Ben has now disclosed that their relationship is under strain due to the ongoing scrutiny, a factor that contributed to their previous split. But he’s figured out how to adjust to this new phase of their romance.

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