Burak Deniz jailed amid assault?

Famous Turkish actor Burak Deniz is facing jail time, after assaulting Turkish star Nilperi Şahinkaya


The assault incident comes after Burak Deniz was under the influence of heavy alcohol consumption. 

And Turkish media revealed that the Public Prosecutor in Turkey issued a decision to arrest and imprison Deniz amid the assault incident. 

The Public Prosecutor’s decision comes after Deniz’s absence for the past four months from the investigation, his failure to provide his testimony, and his disregard for the case, a behavior justified by his lawyer by not having time due to his hectic schedule.


In details of the assault, Şahinkaya was with her partner, at the Sheraton Hotel and by coincidence, Deniz was in the same place and attacked the actress before beating up her partner.

It seems clear that the actor was excessively drunk and was completely unaware of his actions, and Şahinkaya ended up filing a lawsuit against Deniz.

At the time, Deniz issued a statement saying that a misunderstanding was the cause of the dispute, and things did not develop into an attack, as stated by the Turkish artist.

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