Kuwaiti fashionista driving under influence kills two men

During the past hours, Kuwaiti media has reported shocking news about a famous fashionista killing two young men and injuring others after crossing a red traffic light while she was drunk during the early morning hours.

Details of the accident that sparked public opinion in Kuwait

On Wednesday morning at 3:20 am, Kuwaiti security services received a call about a car crash caused by a Kuwaiti fashionista at the traffic light located at Al-Sour intersection heading to the King Fahd Line, leading two men loosing their lives. A security patrol went to the scene immediately.

After arriving to the crash location, it was revealed that two men had died and others were injured after a famous Kuwaiti fashionista crossed a red light and collided with them. This famous woman was driving a jeep with her boyfriend next to her.

The sources added that the fashionista and her boyfriend were not sober after they stayed up late at a party. The famous woman was arrested and taken to the hospital at first and then to the suburb police station.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend was admitted to intensive care unit after he was injured, and after examining their blood, it was found that they were driving under influence when the accident occurred.

And sources added that the fashionista’s sister, who works as a lawyer, immediately headed to the police station accompanied by another senior lawyer to request releasing her sister on bail, and their request was rejected.

The reports revealed that two other people were injured, but their health condition is stable, and after watching the cameras that were present in the area of the accident and taking the testimony of people who were there, the security authorities are still holding on to the fashionista despite all the mediation.

On social media, many people demanded to impose the most severe penalties on the celebrity who caused the accident and not to respond to any mediation.

Who is the Kuwaiti fashionista involved in the accident?

The name of the fashionista involved has not been officially revealed, but many sources, like ET bil Arabi, have confirmed that she is the Kuwaiti fashionista, Fatima Al-Moumen.

And with the fact that Fatima did not publish any post or story on her social media accounts during the past hours, despite her name being mentioned in the case, it increases the doubts that she’s actually the fashionista who caused the accident.

Fatima al momen traffic accident car crash kuwait killing two men

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