Bella Hadid sparks controversy with Keffiyeh-Inspired outfit at Cannes, expresses solidarity with Palestine

Bella Hadid wore a Keffiyeh-inspired outfit as she went out, a gesture of solidarity with Palestine in the midst of the Israel-Gaza war.

As a sign of unity with the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel, the Keffiyeh became popular among pro-Palestinian activists outside of the Middle East and North Africa.

At Thursday’s Cannes Film Festival, 27-year-old model Bella—whose parents are real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid of Palestine and Dutch model Yolanda Hadid—made a subtle reference to her nation.

This display of solidarity follows fact-checking of Bella’s statements and photos she posted from a Syrian refugee camp in which she expressed solidarity with the Palestinians and Gaza.

As a sign of unity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israel, the Keffiyeh initially gained traction among pro-Palestinian activists outside of the MENA region.

While attending Thursday’s Cannes Film Festival, the 27-year-old model subtly acknowledged her motherland, a cause for which she has previously spoken out.

She captioned her Instagram image, ‘Gaza on my thoughts’. Instagram included a comment that the picture might mislead people because it lacked critical context after social media users pointed out the photographs were from Syria.

The caption includes a link to a website that clarifies that the photos are really from a Syrian refugee camp and depict victims of Assad’s rule, not Israelis.

“This post is misleading,” as the message states. This film did not use any footage from Palestine. The 2013 video was shot at the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus. Even after publishing, the deceptive post with over 1.5 million likes is still visible on Bella’s Instagram.

This clip is from the film Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege, which chronicles the events following the Assad siege of Yarmouk, the largest Palestinian refugee camp on the planet at the time. The native Angeleno has a history of sharing unframed photos from Syria.

The wealthy man first claimed to have shot these photos in Gaza during the continuing Israeli-Syrian fighting in November, but he later put them online, showing Syrian youngsters expressing their optimism about the future. ‘Thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women, and children were imprisoned without trial,’ she wrote at the time.

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