Can Yaman gets angry at a fan in Palermo.. Watch what he did to him!

Turkish actor Can Yaman has been shooting some scenes of the second season of his successful series Viola come il mare (Purple Like the Sea), in Palermo, Italy.

And there, the famous Turkish actor did something that caused him to be criticized on social media.

According to the Italian website, Can Yaman snatched the mobile phone of a fan in Palermo while he was in the car, then he threw it away to the ground, very annoyed by what had happened.

Can Yaman’s move

Turkish actor Can Yaman is currently staying at Hotel Delle Palme to shoot his scenes for Viola come il mare season 2.

The incident started when a man was waiting at the exit of Hotel Delle Palme, probably to ask for a selfie, for a photo or an autograph, apparently for his daughter like any other fan, reporting

Many people were waiting for Yaman to leave the hotel too. And once he showed up, Can immediately got into his car to rush away from the crowd.

As Can Yaman was leaving the venue, he was seen opening his car window, snitching the fan’s cellphone and throwing it away while he was furious.

Social media reactions

There are a group of followers who defended Can Yaman and those who attacked him.

Yaman’s fans said that the man insisted too much to take a photo with Can Yaman (according to the witnesses were present at the scene) and he really annoyed the star. And there are those who said that in any case, there is no type of justification for what Can did.

Filming of Viola come il Mare 2

Can Yaman is in Palermo to film the second season of Viola come il Mare, where he is co-starring next to the Sicilian actress Francesca Chillemi.

Historic locations of the city are entrusted to the crew who, from the early hours of the morning, assembled the set in the historic square of the Sicilian capital.

Many onlookers gathered on site, with the area guarded by private security.

Viola Come il Mare 2. sezon yayın tarihi Data di uscita della seconda stagione di Viola come il mare

Production vehicles which have been stationed behind the Politeama theater and in the Piazza Sturzo area for a few days now. A fact that has imposed several changes to the road system.

From Wednesday 18 October, the production should move to the city center, where other video productions will be filmed in the coming days, such as “The Bad Guy” and the film “In the Hand of Dante”.

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