Omar Al-Abdallat’s heartfelt performance raises funds for pediatric Cancer in Jordan and Gaza

The “Friends of Jordan Festivals Association” staged a benefit performance with Omar Al-Abdallat at the Roman Amphitheater in downtown Amman to raise money for pediatric cancer sufferers in Gaza and Jordan.

King Abdullah II has long been committed to helping sick children in Jordan and Gaza get the care they need, and this event was a chance to put his dream into action.

Orphans, students from public schools, and youth initiatives were among the many recipients of philanthropic donations who were present at the occasion. Attendees engaged enthusiastically with the illustrious artistic performance.

After opening the show with “Ghaz Al-Bayariq,” Omar Al-Abdullat spoke about how honored he was to be a part of this historic event. Then he performed “Kif Al-Himma” for the Palestinians, “Oh mountain, no wind shakes you,” “Al-Dahiya,” and “Our Army, the Homeland’s Army” to get everyone pumped up. Omar sang “O daughters of my country, do not become strangers” before performing “My world is on the field, O Gazawi, on the field” in support of Gaza.

Included in Omar’s performance repertoire were traditional songs such as “We Came to the Bustan” and “Where is Ramallah?” He then moved on to more modern songs like “Raise Your Head,”  “Mayoub, Oh Homeland,”  and “Hadbetli Shamaghi Al-Ahmar.”.

After a thrilling intermission, Al-Abdallat performed “Oh Saad, if you see him,” as requested by the crowd, and the hour-long performance ended with the melody of “Hashemi Hashemi,” the song that Jordanians adore the most.

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