Motasem Al Nahar attacks Nidal Ahmadieh

Syrian star, Motasem Al Nahar attacked journalist Nidal Al Ahmadieh following her statement against Syrians.

On his Twitter account, Syrian actor Motasem Al Nahar defended Syrian people by responding to a statement shared by media personality Nidal Al Ahmadieh.

Al Nahar tweeted: “I don’t know how radio stations, TVs and journalists host this stupid person, they know that she will insult a whole country and it’s people, believe me…”

He added: “And with that, they still host her on air so they can trend on social media, after that, they run from the responsibility of any insults made on their show by her in the excuse that it is her personal opinion. Disgusting.”

Al Nahar was responding to Al Ahmadieh’s statement against Syrians in where she stated that Syrian refugees are not educated and they lack of knowledge, the media personality added that there is a difference between cultures between Syrians and Lebanese people, and that both citizens can’t live together.

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