Oli London mocks dead Palestinian baby, deletes post later

Internet personality and influencer Oli London took to his official X (formerly known as Twitter) account to mock recent photos shared about the dead Palestinian baby amid the continuation of Israel’s aggression on Gaza. 

Oli London made his stance of being pro-Israel clear as he marched through Israeli protests in the United States and has been an avid supporter on his official social media accounts with posts urging Hamas to “free Israeli hostages” amid the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.

Oli London mocks dead Palestinian baby, deletes post later

The internet personality received quite the backlash after he posted on his official X account mocking the recent events of a Palestinian baby who has been recently killed by the Israeli aggression on Gaza stating that he’s a “plastic baby doll” and there’s no way a doll can be “killed in an airstrike.”

Some users also called out Elon Musk for “double standards” as many accounts are sharing Israeli propaganda without suffering any consequences.

“I have noticed many Zionist accounts are being pushed in my feed too.”

“@elonmusk Is there any problem of X in detecting a real baby body and a doll that we cannot even claim that a real baby has been killed without accusations like this?”

He then added that the video is “Staged” by saying:

“The man has a microphone attached to his clothes with the wire clearly visible in the staged video.”

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