Remembering Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid: A tribute to a Syrian cinema legend

 The Syrian artistic community is in mourning following the death of 70-year-old director Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid last night, Wednesday, May 15. He left behind a 20-year career that included writing, directing, and acting.

“Leaving behind a rich cinematic legacy that carried great value in the history of Syrian and Arab cinema in general,” the Syrian Ministry of Culture and the General Film Foundation stated in a joint statement.

Among the Syrian stars who paid tribute to the departed were Tim Hassan, Qusay Khouli, Amal Arafa, Qais Sheikh Najib, and others.

“No laughing after you,” Syrian director Jude Saeed lamented. The Syrian film laments its grin. Abdul Latif, please see you when there is less suffering in the world.

The deceased performed a number of pieces, including Nights of the Jackal, Verbal Messages, The Rise of the Rain, The Breeze of the Soul, Two Moons and an Olive Tree, What the Listeners Ask for, September Rain, The Way of the Bees, and Solo Playing.

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