Model Roz takes off bra for new video

Saudi influencer Model Roz celebrated her Valentine’s Day with a self-love video, but braless, and her Arab fans aren’t happy with her appearance. 

Saudi Influencer Model Roz took to her Instagram page to share a video of her as she celebrated Valentine’s Day in her own way.

Roz appeared to be braless in the video and showed a little bit more than just cleavage.

The 30-year-old rocked a hot pink blazer, with absolutely nothing underneath as she was seen dancing in a hallway, while other shots showed her dancing and laying on the bed.

For the video, Model Roz used Miley Cyrus’ latest trendy song Flowers, which was a diss to her ex-husband Australian actor Liam Hemsworth who allegedly cheated on her, and Cyrus released the song as a self-love message to her and her fans.

The Saudi influencer’s comment section was flooded with criticism as her followers believed her look was a disgrace to the Arab conservative culture.

One user commented: “During earthquakes and wars, people are continuing with their sins, obscenity, and sedition, when does one fear God?”

Another commented: “I hope you will see two clips about the earthquake and how God can change our lives in seconds, I hope you see our Muslim brothers and what they are going through.”

While another shared: “I don’t know why you don’t think you’re Muslim, an Arab, or a Saudi woman in particular. Please, be respectful in your clothes.”

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