Oguzhan Koç opens up about divorce from Demet Özdemir

Ouzhan Koç breaks his silence over his divorce from Demet Özdemir.

Oğuzhan Koç and Demet Özdemir finalized their divorce in May, only eight months after getting married. The duo decided to head their separate ways quietly and away from the spotlight, after they completed the divorce procedure in the Adalar Court in Büyükada, Turkey.

In a recent appearance on @Linç hosted by comedian Eser Yenenler  Koç opened up about his short-lived marriage with the actress, he said: “You make plans for your life, but when it doesn’t work, you feel like you failed.”

The Turkish singer was asked if he had plans amid his divorce from Özdemir, and he replied: “Of course, there are many lessons to learn, and there are a few things that I will take my time with later on. and there might be new things that I will find out later.”

He added: “A lot of things happen to us when we least expect it…we all think that we are not gonna die, but that is inevitable and it will happen.”

“With Demet everything was great, I am happy I got to spend that time with her, and I am happy that she happened in my ife. but life moves on.”

Özdemir  confirmed the news of her divorce on social media, she wrote: “It is true that we saw that we had not been able to work our marriage for a while and decided to end it.”

“We know that this decision we have taken within the framework of mutual respect and understanding will also affect our families and elders; We are doing our best to carry out this process in the most sensitive way without upsetting or wearing them down.”

She added: “We ask you, our members of the press, to approach this process with the same sensitivity.”


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