Mohamed Ramadan gets arrested

Mohamed Ramadan gets arrested in episode 18 of his Ramadan series, Jaafar El Omda.

New exciting surprises were featured on Jaafar El Omda’s 18th episode, it all started when Mohamed Ramadan’s family members in the series were shocked after Mondher Rayahneh “Shawki Fateh Allah” got married to Jory Bakr, “Widad.”

The marriage came after Rayahneh was released from jail, despite Bakr’s marriage to Ahmed Fahim “Sayyed.”

Sayyed got shocked when he saw Widad in the white dress while sitting next to Shawki, and Sayyed was extremely surprised as she was still his wife and they did not get divorced.

And the marriage also came as a shock to the audience who questioned the wedding news on social media sites as the character Widad did not show marriage intentions to anyone in the family.

Ahmed Fahim got angry with Widad and was almost going to kill her in front of Rayahneh, but her brother, Essam Elsaka, “Naeem” stopped that from happening as Naeem scolded her in front of the audience, and she had only to calibrate him because he works with Mohamed Ramadan.

Events escalate after Sayyed sees Widad from the window dancing to her husband Shawki, Fahim rushes to their apartment holding a big knife in hopes of killing the new groom.

Rayahneh defended himself alongside her brother Karem, and both assaulted Sayyed and drag him along the ground in front of the whole town.

Naeem tried to defend Sayeyd, but Karem beats him up, shortly after, Hala Sudqi intervenes to save the day, but she fails, and could not stop the fight.

And the events move to Lebanon, where Mohamed Ramadan spends the vacation period with Zina, where he receives a call from Naeem, informing him of the marriage of Widad to Shawki.

Ramadan returns to Egypt, and during that process, Karem hired a person to put drugs in Ramadan’s bag, causing him to get arrested at Beirut’s airport.

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