Crystal series: Fay chooses revenge over love.. Will she turn into an ‘Alia’?

Many developments have taken place in the this week’s episodes of Crystal series, adapted from the Turkish drama Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses), especially after Fay, played by Stephanie Atallah, has decided to take revenge on Alia, played by Pamela Al-Kik, and Lamia, played by Sabah Barakat, for causing her father’s death.

Jawad saves Fay from prison

After Alia’s brother, Basil, played by Khaled Shubat, falls into a coma as a result of being shot by Fay’s former lover, Aws, Alia decides to pin the accusation on Fay, with the help of housewife Rehab, played by Rula Hamada.

Indeed, official authorities begin to investigate Fay to put her in prison and her sisters rush to help her, but under intense pressure, her older sister, Nada, played by Anju Riham, loses her fetus.

Shortly before the court, Basil wakes up from his coma, but Alia asks the supervising doctors to hide this medical development and to prevent anyone from visiting him.

During the trial, after Rehab testifies against Fay and Alia, and before the judge pronounces the verdict, Jawad enters the court with Basil to testify in favor of his wife. Eventually Fay leaves the court victorious over Alia, thanks to Jawad.

Basil decides to break up with Fay

Despite what happened, Alia refuses to give up and tries to influence Basil by convincing him that Fay still loves Jawad. And it gets worse after Fay loses consciousness during a party she held at the palace, when she learned that Jawad had disappeared and fearing that he might have died because he went to the yacht at night.

While Fay was unconscious, she continued to mention Jawad’s name, which made Basil confident that she still loves him.

Alia convinced her brother Basil further, which prompted him to sign the divorce papers. While they were at the lawyer, Faye was able to convince Basil to give her a second chance, to upset Alia.

Fay shocks Jawad and makes him hate her

Fay tries to get rid of Jawad and convince him that she was deceiving him, and tells him that she was trying to get close to Alia and steal from everyone around her, including him, and that she never loved him, in order to push him to hate her and stay away from her.

Fay fights Alia in her profession

After things were going in Alia’s favor, the ball suddenly turns in Fay’s court, who decides to fight her in her field of work, which is fashion design. She decides to open her own shop next to Alia’s gallery in a shocking ending for the latter, choosing revenge over love.

What Crystal series viewers are waiting for?

With approximately 40 episodes remaining, there are many events awaiting viewers based on the Turkish version, as Alia discovers that she is Rehab’s daughter and not Basil’s sister.

Alia is able to destroy Fay’s work by burning the exhibition and eventually pushes her to surrender and leave Basil. However, before leaving the palace, Fay is able to destroy the relationship between Alia and her brother when she tells her that Alia is behind the health condition that Basil suffers from.

In the end, Fay is able to obtain Basil’s money and inheritance, but she loses her only love, Jawad, and loses her family who rejects the change that has occurred to her, so she finds herself alone in the palace and receives a family to work for her, and in the end she turns into Alia Karam again.

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