Fatima Al-Momen: Shocking accident footage and new drugs accusations

Kuwaitis and Arabs are still in shock because of the fatal accident caused by Kuwaiti fashionista Fatima Al-Momen two days ago and killed 3 men up until this moment.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that two men have lost their lives after Fatima Al-Momen crossed a red light and crashed into their car, with two more being admitted to the ICU.

Unfortunately, the death toll has increased by one today after a third man lost his life due to severe injury as a result of the accident.

It turned out that Fatima Al-Momen was driving a white Bentley, and it was massively destroyed after the accident based on the images circulating on social media.

fatima al momen car accident pictures

A video circulating of Fatima Al-Momen’s car, which caused the painful traffic accident:

Fatima Al-Momen faces new accusations related to drugs

News page @NetworkKw wrote on X platform:

“4 boxes of Lyrica drug were found in the car that was driven by fashionista Fatima Al-Momen, and a new charge will be added to her, which is the charge of possession of narcotic substances with the intent of abuse and trafficking, and the seized items were referred to the Drug Control for examination.”

Fatima Al-Momen might face jail time up to 4 years

Page @sah_doc wrote on X platform:

“The man who owns the vehicle and who was next to the fashionista Fatima Al-Momen is called “M. Al-Marzouq”, and Fatima Al-Momen confessed everything after the test proved that she was driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs, and a security source said that she will be accused of a criminal charge and face 4 years of imprisonment.”

Who is Fatima Al-Momen?

Fatima Essam Hamad Al-Moamen is a 30-year-old Kuwaiti fashionista and beauty expert. She became famous on social media since 2014, and she identifies herself as an architect.

Who is Fatima Al-Momen?

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