Miss Ukraine steals show with “Warrior of Light” outfit

Miss Ukraine Viktoria Apanasenko wore a ‘Warrior of Light’ outfit at the National Costumes presentation on Jan. 11 during the 2023 Miss Universe pageant.

Apanasenko is representing Ukraine during the Miss Universe competition expected to take place on Jan. 14 in New Orleans, the United States.


In an Instagram post, Miss Ukraine clarified that she cooperated with The Crooked Feather and decided to create mechanical wings together. She explained that the wingspan is 5 meters long and has armor with Ukrainian embroidery as well as golden spikes.

“But because of the war, it was not possible to bring them back to Ukraine,” she noted. She thanked the creator of the wings, which she saw days before the competition.


Miss Russia, Anna Linnikova, who unveiled her “The Crown of the Russian Empire” costume on Wednesday, will also compete at the Miss Universe pageant.

The internet exploded with memes as people jokingly said the war in Ukraine is moving to the United States, where Miss Ukraine and Miss Russia will compete against each other.

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