Ahmed ElSaka is now a terrorist

Actor Ahmed ElSaka is set to play a terrorist in the new series, Harb

Egyptian actor Ahmed ElSaka is set to play a new role in the Ramadan Drama series Harb, which is set to air on the 21st day of the holy month of Ramadan.

ElSaka will play the role of a leader of a terrorist organization as shown in the new trailer of the series.

Harb will air as soon as Al Kutaiba 101 finishes showing.

Producer Tamer Mursi published through his Facebook account the official trailer of Harb,  which only consists of 10 episodes, Morsi wrote that the series will start showing on the 21st of Ramadan on the ON channel.

In the trailer, ElSaka appeared as a base in a terrorist organization, while Muhammad Farraj embodied the role of an officer in the national security.

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