Liverpool’s Mo Salah joins the world of acting

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah (Also known as Mo Salah) took the football world by storm after pictures of him leaked showing the Egyptian national player on a production set that seems to be located in Manchester, as reported by The Sun. 

According to Ra2ej News, Mohamed is working on an entertainment project where he’s allegedly going to star as the main character, but by the time of writing this article, no details about the project were confirmed. However, Mo has been very confidential about the project by avoiding media and interactions.

Mohamed Salah enters the world of acting!

The Sun shared pictures of Salah in an alleged film production set getting out of a Taxi where he met with two security guards as they let him inside a British bar or pub by the name of “The Gorilla Bar” which is located in Manchester City. Like many footballers of his popularity, Mohamed has some experience in acting because he appeared in several ads before. 


Mo fans are eagerly awaiting more news about his upcoming project and are hopeful about the star offering an enjoyable experience.

Our favorite example of a footballer appearing in silly ads has to be Messi’s Japanese advertisement about face wash for men by ANGFA, which is considered one of the funniest ads to appear on TV because of its timing and Messi’s broken Japanese language skills.

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