Amir Karara reflects on ‘Beit Al-Rifai’ success, with hopes for future collaborations

Egyptian actor Amir Karara took the lead in the hit series “Beit Al-Rifai,” which premiered during Ramadan and quickly became a sensation. The series not only trended across social media platforms but also saw Karara actively engaging with audience feedback. He expressed his satisfaction with the series, praising it as a well-rounded project, and shared his eagerness to work with the same team again. In our exclusive interview, Karara delves into the details of the series’ success.

How did you perceive the audience’s reaction to your role in ‘Beit Al-Rifai’?

The series was well-received, garnering positive reactions from both the audience and critics. I sensed this through direct interviews and social media engagement.

What drew you to participate in ‘Beit Al-Rifai’?

The unique concept of the series captivated me. Director Peter Mimi’s presentation of the story and his trustworthiness as an author convinced me to join immediately. It’s a departure from my previous works like “Al Ekhteyar,” “Nasl El Aghrab,” “Al Aaedoun,” and “Souq El Kanto,” which made it all the more appealing.

Can you describe your experience working with the team on the series?

The team was exceptional, filled with professionals who brought their A-game. Peter Mimi’s script was a masterpiece of suspense and excitement, and director Ahmed Nader Galal’s vision was a joy to bring to life. The stellar cast, including Ahmed Rizk, Mohamed Lotfy and Mirna Jamil, contributed to a harmonious and successful collaboration.

What are your thoughts on the character ‘Yassin’ that you portrayed?

Yassin is one of my most cherished roles, marking my first portrayal of an orthopaedic doctor entangled in neighbourhood conflicts and a wrongful murder accusation. His struggles resonated deeply with me throughout the series.

How did you prepare for the role of ‘Yassin’?

I embraced the challenge to step out of my comfort zone, drawing on personal life experiences and in-depth discussions with directors Ahmed Nader Galal and Peter Mimi to deliver a nuanced performance.

Could you share some insights into the atmosphere behind the scenes?

The set was characterized by a strong team spirit and camaraderie. We all aimed to deliver our best, fostering an environment of understanding and harmony, which I believe is the cornerstone of any successful artistic endeavour.

There are rumours that the lead actor is influencing the casting decisions. Can you comment on this?

Absolutely not, at least not in my case. The production company, along with director Ahmed Nader Galal, is in charge of casting, based on the project’s budget. While Ahmed Nader Galal values input and occasionally discusses options with me, I don’t dictate casting choices. The final decision rests with him, as he has the broadest perspective on the series.

How closely do you monitor audience feedback on social media?

I keep an eye on social media reactions intermittently, especially after the initial busy filming phase. I was delighted to learn that our series’ promo became a trending topic and dominated search engines. I hold my audience in high esteem, value their trust, and am keen on their feedback, embracing all comments, both positive and negative. Their opinions are vital, as the work is ultimately for them.

Does competing with other big-star series bother you?

Competition doesn’t bother me; it motivates us to excel. We aim for fair competition, which ultimately benefits the project. The real winners are the viewers, who get to enjoy a variety of quality shows. Success is a blessing, and this Ramadan, many series have indeed found great success.

Which series caught your attention during Ramadan?

My schedule was quite packed, but I eagerly anticipated “Al Hashshashin” featuring Karim Abdel Aziz, “Al-Ataula” with Ahmed Al-Sakka, Tarek Lotfy, and Bassem Samra, “Silat Rahm” starring Iyad Nassar, and “Atbat El Bahja” led by Yahya Al-Fakharani. There are a few more series on my watchlist that I plan to enjoy later.

What’s your take on the 15-episode series format? Are you fond of it?

The 15-episode format has resonated well with viewers, particularly on platforms that allow binge-watching an entire series in a single day. Personally, I focus on the quality of content rather than episode count. What guides my viewing choice is the substance and essence of the series. The series must maintain quality without unnecessary repetition or dragging, ensuring it remains engaging for the audience.

Do you believe that success is tied to being number one?

Absolutely not. Success isn’t about claiming the top spot or being the foremost in the industry. I aspire for the focus to shift away from this competitive mindset to one where everyone strives to create impactful works that resonate with the audience, much like the legendary Ahmed Zaki and Adel Imam did. As an actor, my goal is to dedicate myself to my craft, deliver my utmost, and trust in God’s plan, for He rewards the efforts of the diligent.

Following your success in the comedy film (El Bo’ Bo’), what are your thoughts on exploring more comedic roles?

The success of (El Bo’ Bo’) was a delightful experience, and I’m eager to delve into more comedic projects. Comedy serves as a respite for audiences, offering entertainment amidst life’s challenges and breaking the monotony. Contrary to the belief that I’m typecast in officer roles or popular dramas, I’m open to comedy, provided that the script is both engaging and amusing.

Can we expect to see you in any new films at the cinema soon?

I’ve been considering various scripts, but I’m taking my time with the selection process. I need to uphold the high standard set by (El Bo’ Bo’). Achieving success might be straightforward, but sustaining it is the real challenge.

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