Lisa Presley died to look good for Golden Globes

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of King of Rock, Elvis Presley was on opioids and weight loss medications, just weeks before the Golden Globes. 

It is reported that Lisa Marie Presley was on weight loss meds and opioids, and lost around 23 kilograms weeks before the Golden Globes, because she wanted to “look her best to celebrate the Elvis movie.”

For her weight loss, Presley underwent surgery to lose up to 23 kilograms to look good for the Golden Globes where the movie Elvis was set to win awards.

Presley died just a few days after the Golden Globes as a result of a cardiac arrest at her California.

Even though Presley’s death was sudden, she was seen slurring her words and appeared unsteady while standing on her feet at the red carpet.

The singer previously had an addiction problem with opioids, after she was given a prescription during her recovery from the birth of her twin daughters.

Opioids was not the only drug Presley had an issue with, by 2013, she was heavily abusing cocaine and checked into rehab at least five times.

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