Shervin Hajipour’s song “Trash” surpasses 30 million views in 24 hours!

Only 24 hours after its release, Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour celebrated surpassing 30 million views on his latest song “Trash” on Instagram. 

According to Iranian news outlet Eslahat, Shervin Hajipour’s video on Instagram “has broken records by becoming the most viewed Persian video on the platform in recent years,”.

Eslahat added: “A video by Hajipour titled “For the Sake Of..” was viewed nearly 40 million times around the times when massive protests stormed Iran following the killing of the 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini”.

Eslahat speculated that the song “Trash” has received so many views because it was recorded during periods of rest in Iran’s political and social scenes, not during “emotional protests”.

Shervin Hajipour’s video was shared by millions of people all over Instagram, including celebrities and people who resonated with the lyrics. The song talks about immigrating and leaving the “homeland”.

But now, I feel like maybe I was wrong…
Maybe they have exonerated the soil too…
Maybe the homeland is not normal for us people…
And a man without his homeland is nothing except trash that is thrown away…” Hajipour wrote.

Hajipour stated that he was previously summoned by the Iranian police multiple times for writing the songs “For the Sake Of..” and “Maybe I Was Wrong” which he released during the wave of protests that took over Iran in 2022 following the killing of Mahsa Amini on the hands of “morality police”.

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