Kim Kardashian is going to search for Kate Middleton

Amid the ongoing rumors circulating about the disappearance of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, one celebrity has had enough! Kim Kardashian took the internet by storm when she announced that she was personally going to search for Kate. 

This comes in after rumors flooded the internet across social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) as users started speculating what happened to Kate Middleton after going missing for months because of her recent abdominal surgery.

Kim Kardashian is going to search for Kate Middleton

Kim Kardashian joined the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories after sharing a post poking fun at the rumors as she jokingly said that she’s going into full investigation mode to solve the case! Well, she’s obviously not carrying out with it as she meant it in a humorous way to join the ongoing trend.

The Instagram post garnered more than a million likes and was captioned:

“On my way to go find Kate” and Khloe replied in the comment section “On my way to find out how you got so tall”.

A brief on Kate Middleton’s notorious rumors and more

Kate Middleton

(Photos of Kate Middleton and screenshot circulating on X)

It first started when an allegedly low-quality and grainy picture of Kate leaked on the internet post-surgery, then at a later date, the palace shared a “Photoshopped” picture of the princess with her family which was later taken down by news outlets deeming it a “Kill notification”.

Moreover, one rumor has taken the internet by storm claiming that Prince William allegedly “killed” Kate after she found out that he was having an “affair” with his mistress Sarah Rose Hanbury, and bearing his child.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate was reportedly spotted with Prince William in her favorite Windsor farm shop looking “happy, relaxed and healthy” after her serious surgery.

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