Ed Sheeran records an album to be released after he dies

Ed Sheeran’s final album will be released after his death. 

The Shape of You hitmaker, Ed Sheeran revealed that his final contribution to music will be published after his death, as he shared that his final album will be a posthumous release.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Sheeran discussed his future plans regarding music, tour, and album names.

The singer’s past albums were all titled with symbols,  +, ×, ÷, and =, and shared that he plans to release five albums in the future, and the upcoming albums will also be titled with a set of symbols.

On his posthumous album, Sheeran said: “I want to slowly make this album that is quote-unquote ‘perfect’ for the rest of my life,” he said, “adding songs here and there. And just have it in my will that after I die, it comes out.”

His upcoming album, “-” or subtract contains 14 tracks and is scheduled for release in May.

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