Is Sherine back on drugs?

Sherine Abdel Wahab had her fans worried after the singer’s latest appearance. 

While on vacation, singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and her husband Hosam Habib were photographed, Abdel Wahab donned a black dress with an opening from the waist, while Habib wore jean shorts and a white T-shirt.

In the picture, Sherine appears to have lost more than half her weight, and a debate struck online about whether the singer is on a healthy diet, or if she got back to using drugs, which could result in a huge amount of unhealthy weight loss.

In October 2022, Sherine’s mother confirmed the singer was under the influence of drugs, as she has been using with Sara Al Tabbakh.

Sherine’s mom revealed the news to Amr Adeeb as she appeared on his show ‘Hikaya’, she said: ”They use drugs at an apartment, Hussam Habeeb is behind this, he encouraged her.”

And Sherine’s brother Mohammad Abdel Wahhab put his sister in a psychiatric clinic for treatment.

Eventually, the singer got better and sober, and now it is unclear if she is steering for a healthier lifestyle, or if her health is deteriorating because of alleged drug use.

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