Ahlam wears a wig made of diamonds

Singer Ahlam surprised her fans as she appeared wearing a hair wig, but entirely made out of diamonds.

During the past few hours, social media users shared a series of pictures of the Emirati singer, Ahlam, with a hair wig encrusted with jewelry and diamonds, and her appearance came from the Diamond Night party as part of her participation in the activities of the Riyadh season.

The singer shared a photo on her official Instagram account while she was wearing the diamond wing, and simply captioned them:  “Ahlam in Diamonds.”

The picture quickly trended as fans started questioning if these are real diamonds or fake, and the singer received tons of criticism, as some stated that some people can’t even afford to buy food, and “there you go spending a million on a wig.”

Others shared: “A lock of your hair is enough to solve problems for a whole country.” Another user joked that Ahlam looked like a chandelier.

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