How does AI pose threat to American elections?

Artificial intelligence poses a significant threat to political campaigns with the start of the 2024 election campaigns, as it facilitates the creation of advanced videos and images that can deceive viewers and disseminate misleading information.


Videos of the invasion of Taiwan by China, the influx of groups of migrants across the Mexico-US border, images of former President Donald Trump being chased by security forces, and the Pentagon headquarters engulfed in flames, are all fake videos generated by artificial intelligence.

The Wall Street Journal reported that such fake content, which has begun to flood the internet, poses a significant threat to political campaigns as the US presidential elections approach.

AI technology enables the creation of convincing deepfake videos, which are manipulated videos that appear realistic but contain false information.

These videos can be used to spread misinformation, manipulate public opinion, and discredit candidates by making them appear to say or do things they never did.

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