Fear of spread of prostitution grows in Oman

The Twitter hashtag “#من_ينقذ_الخوير  – which means who saves Khuwair” has been trending in Oman after a video showing alleged prostitutes standing near the sidewalk stirred shocking debate in the GCC country. 

“Is prostitution spreading in Oman?” people shockingly commented asking whether it might become a business in the conservative society.

Omanis have taken to social media to decry the scene which has never been before in the country and asked Omani authorities to take serious action against it and curb the spread.

Angry comments emerged online as people condemned “shameful” acts which were never seen before in the country.

A Twitter user said that police should take permission to raid and target places where prostitution is believed to take place and take serious action against those who are caught up in adultery position.

Omani authorities announced the arrest of multiple women, who were said to be holding different nationalities, in the Al-Khuwair area in the Omani capital. Women were all charged by the court with engaging in acts contrary to moral values and public morals.

In March 2022, the Omani authorities detained 30 women on charges of violating public morals and the laws of foreigners.

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