UK records hottest June since 1884

The United Kingdom experienced its hottest June on record since 1884, the agency further stated that the increasing impact of human-induced climate change will lead to more frequent occurrences of such exceptional heat in the coming decades, According to the country’s weather agency.

Weather experts say that the likelihood of surpassing the previous common record since the 1940s has at least doubled as a result of climate change.

June was the hottest June on record in, the country’s weather agency said. The average mean temperature of 15.8C in the country beats the previous record of 14.9C (set in both 1940 and 1976) by 0.9C.

Last month, extensive regions of the country, stretching from the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland to Cornwall in southwest England, saw the setting of regional high temperature records. These areas experienced average temperatures soaring an astonishing 2.5 degrees Celsius above the normal levels.

According to the weather bureau, the highest recorded temperature last month was 32.2 degrees Celsius, far exceeding the usual extreme temperatures that typically hover in the twenties during this time of year.

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