Fountain in Color of Blood in Jerusalem(Video)

In a bold act of protest, activists hailing from Jerusalem orchestrated a striking demonstration at Paris Square, just outside the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Their message was clear and visceral: the water of the square’s fountain was dyed a deep, ominous red, symbolizing the bloodshed and turmoil that has marred the region.

With meticulous intention, the activists adorned the fountain with a potent message, scrawled boldly for all to see: “Enough blood has been spilled, a deal is on the table.”

The Hamas military group launched a major offensive on October 7th, named “Al-Aqsa Flood,” targeting Israel. Palestinian fighters crossed into Israel from the Gaza Strip, seizing military installations and taking hostages.

Photos and videos circulated widely online, depicting Hamas fighters inside Israel and using unconventional means like paragliding.

In response, Israeli forces targeted Hamas positions within Gaza, resulting in a significant loss of life and injuries. According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, the death toll surpassed 28,985 people, with over 68,883 injuries, highlighting the devastating impact of the conflict.

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