Iraqi woman burns alive pregnant daughter-in-law

An Iraqi woman poured gasoline on her pregnant daughter-in-law in Iraq, causing her burns that exceeded 65% of her body.

The young woman, 21, whose name has not been revealed, felt liquid being poured on her while she was cooking in her home in Najaf province, and caught fire. The perpetrator, her mother-in-law, left her and ran away.

The Iraqi authorities are still investigating the incident, the causes of which are still unknown.

While sources reported that the inflicted woman’s husband, father-in-law and brothers-in-law were present during the incident, but the husband and his mother fled to an unknown location afterwards.

Local media outlet said that third-degree burns affected more than 65 percent of the young woman’s body. No updates on her health nor the fetus’s have been revealed yet.

Social media activists widely circulated news of the incident, calling for deterring those who commit such crimes, especially since domestic violence crimes in Iraq are constantly increasing.

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