“Cut it Out” Illustration enters American Illustration award book

Italian freelance Illustrator Marco Melgrati described his happiness after his famous Iranian “Cut it Out” Illustration got picked to appear in the American Illustration 42 annual award book.

Melgrati, who is originally from Milan, spoke to Albawaba exclusively and said he is extremely “glad” by this huge success his digital artwork had reached.

He continued that the “Cut it Out” Illustration had previously won three competitions; American Illustration’s 42 annual award book, Communication Art 2023 and the Creative Quarterly Issue 70.

The digital artist maintained: “Really glad! it is a work  to which I am emotionally attached.”

When he was asked how he was inspired to create the illustration, Melgrati said that since the start of the Iranian uprising in September, he received many direct messages from Iranians who described their situation amid the protest following the death of Mahsa Amini.

Mahsa Amini was arrested by the Iranian morality police for wearing the “hijab improperly” on Sept. 13 and allegedly died three days after her arrest triggering nationwide protests across the country.

He added that he made the illustration, in his free time, which was especially dedicated to the Iranian people.

The Italian freelance Illustrator said he started his passion for art when he was a kid saying he used to love drawing, especially animals. He completed artistic in high school and later he finished his studies at a fine art academy.

Marco Melgrati, who is followed by over 474,000 people on Instagram, started his job as a full-time freelance illustrator in 2005. He further added to Albawaba that he loves his work and that his “dream come true.”

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