Skull lacking brain found in Morocco, shocking villagers

People of a village in the Ouarzazate province of Morocco were left in a state of panic when the remains of a man, except for his body, were discovered. 

Abdul Rahman, 30, an unmarried man, disappeared after going to water his land and never returned. A search for him led to the discovery of his clothes, shoes, and a skull lacking a brain, but the rest of his body wasn’t found, leaving the villagers puzzled and concerned.


Authorities swiftly responded to the incident, examining the site and initiating a case. Police dogs were deployed to comb the area, while the skull and clothing were sent to forensic medicine for a thorough autopsy.

The autopsy aims to determine the cause and circumstances of the man’s death, including whether animals were involved or not, to alleviate the villagers’ fear and put an end to the circulating rumors surrounding the mystery.


Among the rumors that emerged, was the notion that an “Atlas lion,” a type of barbaric lion, was responsible for the man’s demise and the subsequent disappearance of his body found minus the skull. However, a source from the authorities dismissed these claims, emphasizing that they were simply baseless speculations that had taken hold within the local community.

As the investigation continues and the forensic analysis progresses, the village must still be on edge. For both the victim and their sake, hopefully, the truth behind this tragedy will come to light soon.

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