Exclusive: Athlete Mohammed Abdullatif’s climbing journeys

In an exclusive interview with AlBawaba, Athlete Mohammed Ziad Abdullatif expressed his rich journey of climbing experiences and revealed about his thirst for more upcoming adventures.

Jordanian athlete Abdullatif, who is followed by over 12,700 on Instagram, said in an interview how is it like to be a climber and explained the biggest difficulties that he faced during his career.

Who is Mohammed Abdullatif?

Abdullatif described himself as a passionate athlete who has loads of love to nature. He also expressed his hopes to have more and more adventures in the future.

He also has a great passion for breathtaking experiences that get his adrenaline pumping.

Mohammed Abdullatif

Is Mohammed the same person he was in 2014?

Mohammed Abdullatif entered the world of climbing in 2014 and explained how easier the new adventures became since then as everything became easier with the more experiences he gained in 9 years.

As time passed and with the huge amount of climbing expieneces, the Jordanian athelte have gained new skills adding that he now became more balanced and calmer than he ever was when he was younger.

He maintained that all the skills he aquired are due to the exceptional circumstances imposed by the nature during climbing mountains which are completely different from the conditions he face in his daily life.

What are the main climbing tools?

When AlBawaba asked the athlete about what are the necessary tools and items he carries in his bag each climbing adventure, he answered: “Each mountain has its own climbing kit. Snowy or icy mountains require equipment that is completely different from those required by rocky, desert or mud mountains, due to the compelling circumstances imposed by the nature and topography of those mountains on the climber.”

Mohammed Abdullatif

He maintained: “For example, snowy mountains require additional clothing, which gives the climber a more warm feeling, jackets for cold areas, in addition to sports shoes equipped with anti-slip feature, sunscreen as well as sunglasses that provide a high level of protection from the sun, and many more.”

He added that the climber should do research about each mountain he is looking forward to climb before going to study and examine its conditions and then you can decide the items you will need.

Furthermore, the Jordanian athlete continued to say that the timing of the climbing is very important and can change the condition forcing you to add or remove some items.

Main climbing kit:

  • Outer and inner clothes (varies according to the nature of the mountain)
  • Healthy meals full of carbohydrates
  • climbing stick
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Water
  • Dietary supplements (appropriate vitamins and minerals)
  • Band aid
  • Hat
  • Lighting (flash)
  • Sports shoes (varies according to the nature of the mountain)
  • Additional ropes and equipment

Mohammed Abdullatif

Challenges he face during climbing:

As he said before, each mountain has unique conditions that differ it from the other. However, some challenges are fixed to all mountains, such as:

  • Harsh weather
  • The difficulty of the roads and paths leading to the mountain summit
  • Fixed and mobile ice structures
  • Feeding and drinking

Mountains that he climbed:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5895 meters)
  • Mount Catherine, Egypt (2629 meters)
  • Aconcagua Mountain, South America (6961 metres)
  • Mount Elbrus, Russia (5642 meters)
  • Mount Ararat, Armenia (5137 meters)
  • Djebel Ressas, Tunisia (795 meters)

Is there a climber you would like to do a climbing adventure with?

“Yes, I would really like to try a climbing experience with my Italian friend Leonardo,” he answered.

Your role in supporting tourism in Jordan?

He maintained: “I hope to present a wonderful picture of mountaineering in Jordan, the thing that pushed me to convert my account from “private” to “public” and share my adventures with my followers from around the world.”

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