US police pull over vehicle with giant bull riding in front passenger seat

Police in Nebraska made an unusual traffic stop – a vehicle with a giant bull riding in the front passenger seat.

On Wednesday morning, local police in the town of Norfolk were tipped off about a man driving with a cow in the passenger seat.

Police officers told local news media outlets they initially expected to see a small calf inside the vehicle.

Instead, they found a Watusi bull, a breed known for its giant spiraling horns.

Local media reports said the driver’s name was Lee Meyer, a resident of Neligh, a town 35 miles (56 km) west of Norfolk.

Police pulled over Meyer, and the bull named ‘Howdy Doody.’

The vehicle was modified to make space for the bull in the front.

Video images showed the back of Meyer’s vehicle soiled by the bull.

Local media outlets, quoting Norfolk police department, reported that a police officer wrote Meyer a warning and asked him to leave the city and take the bull back home.

Meyer complied and Howdy Doody was driven back to Neligh, none the wiser about how his car ride into town was about to make national news.

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