Holy Kaaba prepares for kiswah changing, embarking a new Hijri year

On the eve of the new Hijri Year 1445, the Holy Kaaba is set to undergo the changing of its cover (Kiswah/Ghilaaf) after the Isha prayer tonight. To ensure a seamless replacement process, 15 employees received specialized training for this significant event.

The Kiswah, a revered ritual, was handed over to Sheikh Dr. Saleh Al Shaiba as part of the preparations for the change. As the Islamic year 1444 concludes today, the Kiswah replacement symbolizes the beginning of the new Islamic calendar year 1445. The ceremony holds great reverence as the Holy House (Kaaba) receives its new covering.

Made of 670 kg of black silk and embroidered with approximately 220 kg of gold and silver thread featuring Quranic verses, the Kiswah covers an area of 658 sqm. Utilizing advanced machinery, the embroidery process has been expedited, and the 137 workers involved in creating the Kiswah now take around 8 months to complete it and is valued at approximately 22 million SAR (around 6 million USD).

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